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"Ann Louie" is Ann Louise DeMatteo. She is my mom and what was supposed to be a routine CAT scan for pneumonia turned into a diagnosis of Stage IV adenocarcinoma (Lung Cancer). If you have had cancer, or known someone who has, you know how devastating it can be to the patient and their family physically, emotionally and financially. Please visit our site to receive updates on my Mom and to find out about events and ways you can help. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Her Last Breath..

Mom took her last breath at 3:26pm on Wednesday, November 16, 2011.

A few weeks back when Mom was first placed in hospice care, I wrote her a letter. I was fortunate enough to get a few moments one evening away from my kids - and everyone else - so I could read it to her. Here is what it said:


October 22, 2011

Dear Mom,

We may not know when we are going to go, but we all know that we will someday. Whether that day is tomorrow, in two weeks, or ten years from now there are some things I’d like you to know…

Now that I am a mom, I can truly appreciate everything you have done for me the last 28 – almost 29! - years. Whenever Ben is driving me crazy I just think of how you sometimes had to lock us in our rooms and walk away. When Gigi never seems to stop crying, I think of how you were patient with my 12 hours of crying. And when the both of them are at it at the same time, I think to myself, “How did she do it with four – my TWO are driving me crazy!” But you survived - and so will I!

You have also inspired me to be a better wife. I landed a pretty awesome guy, but there are times I’d like to strangle him! I just think of everything you and Dad have been through over the years and how you always stood by him and 32 years later, you are still together! A rarity in our culture…

I also want to tell you how happy I am to see the joy that Ben and Gianna have brought you. Who would have thought that you would be a grandma twice in two years??

I remember last year when we first found out about the cancer we were sitting in the living room just talking and you were cool as a cucumber. I said it’s hard to imagine life without you and you said, “I know, Moms are the best.” It’s so true! I also remember you telling me that after your mom was gone, you would still pick up the phone to call her, and then remember she wouldn’t be there to answer. I know I’ll do the same thing.

Anyway, I know you know this but I love you and I’m proud that you are my mom. Some people say their loved one “lost” their battle to cancer… I won’t say that because anyone who fights as hard as you did could never be a “loser.” I will just say that you were running a tough race and it was time to rest…

I am going to miss you – in some ways I already do. I just have to remember that this life is only temporary, and I will see you again in Heaven.


After I finished reading she said, "I am proud that you are my daughter." I will always remember and cherish that moment!

Here is a small tribute I made (with the help of my friend Shaun) to honor the life my Mom fought to keep:

Much love,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When Will God Take Her?

Mom is now receiving hospice (end-of-life) care. They brought in everything she needs to be comfortable - including a hospital bed. The doctor said that when it was time, she would just "fall asleep" and not feel any pain. The oncologist wouldn't give a definite timeline but they estimated somewhere between 2-6 weeks. But, that is just a guess - it could be longer!

We had a family meeting and we got to ask Mom questions, and she got to share some thoughts with us. She isn't afraid, and she feels ready. She wanted to make sure we understood why she is done with treatment.

It's hard believing that the end is near. There is no way to tell when God will take her. Even though she can't see well, I'm glad she is in good spirits and still has her wits about her.

I wrote Mom a letter and got to share it with her. I'm glad that I had that time to read it to her. I'm thinking about posting it on the blog... maybe another day.

Thank you, as always, for praying.

Much love,
Sarah & family

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"It’s not the size of a gift that matters.

It’s the amount of hope wrapped around the gift that makes all the difference."

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meal Train

Just a quick mention about the meal train...

Many of you are planning on bringing meals that have not signed up on Meal Train. Please take a moment and sign up - it's free and it gives my dad (and each other) an idea of when meals are already provided and when my family would be in a need.

Thank you so much for those that have already signed up, and those that are going to! It's amazing what a huge impact this small favor has on a family in need.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Meal Train & an Update

Please reach out to my family and provide them a meal :) Sign up here:

The latest update on my Mom:

My Dad needs to call the oncologist today (Monday) to schedule an appointment for this week as a follow-up from being released from the hospital. This appointment will be to discuss options moving further - whether that means hospice or some other form of treatment. I will definitely keep you posted as to what is decided.

She is still having trouble moving without help (sitting up, standing up, using the bathroom, etc). She is using a walker and seems to be steady with it as long as she takes it slow. Getting up and going to the bathroom is very tiring for her. She seems to be getting stronger each day, though. Her vision is still impaired, but she seems to know who is who so it isn't completely gone. She has also been eating like a champ!

Thank you again for all your prayer support. An update will come as soon as I hear from my dad!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The "H" Word

Dear Friends,
Mom went back into the hospital last week with pneumonia and high sugar levels. Since then, her vision is getting worse (most likely from the brain tumor) and they found "nodules" on both lungs that they suspect is the cancer returning to that area. They went to do a biopsy, but as they were getting Mom in position she was so uncomfortable and in pain that she said she would rather die than have them finish the procedure. Since she refused the biopsy, they are sending her home tonight.
I think she is just ready to be home and is sick of being in the hospital. I don't know if she was thinking rationally or not, but maybe some time at home will change her mind (as far as getting the biopsy done). If it doesn't, that's okay, too. As long as she knows that refusing diagnostic procedures means no treatments - and we all know what that leads to.
With an aggressive brain tumor (possibly two) and multiple "nodules" on her lungs that the infectious disease specialist and pulmonologist suspect are tumors, the oncologist said it was time to discuss hospice care. They also recommended a few days of rest at home, and scheduling a follow up with the oncologist to discuss options. So, for now, that is what we will do. Mom already said that she will NOT go through chemo or radiation again, so I feel hospice care is imminent at this point.
I will try my best to keep everyone in the loop. It's hard to find time to update with all of this going on, plus two kiddies that don't seem to want to cooperate with giving me some quiet free time!
Thoughts and prayers are always welcome.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Guessing Game...

Hello friends,

The latest news on Mom is that they have scaled back on her medications to see if she would get worse or better. If better, chances are the brain swelling was caused by a reaction to radiation. If she gets worse, chances are the tumor is growing. Sounds like a guessing game to me...

Well, based on the last conversation I had with Dad, things are getting worse. I don't want to divulge many details without getting permission from them first, but just know it seems things are going downhill... fast.